WSD Capacity, founded with Dutch capital. It is based on the business opportunity to offer the best in quality and professionalism in the field of European and international cargo transport. When you are interested in outsourcing your transport capabilities, we take care of your transport job from the beginning to the end.

When you outsourcing your transport with WSD Capacity we take care of dispatch, logistics, recruitment, locations, driving and resting times, all with one invoice.


By selecting and recruiting professional international drivers in combination with the complete dispatch of your job you will have a turn-key solution service all with one invoice.

Our HR team selects the best team to be able to fulfill our client’s requirements. The drivers get paid according to regulations in the country the job is and additionally receive health insurance and other additional benefits.

Because we select, recruit and manage drivers, aiming to supply the very best of services. We employ teams of professionals with vast experience in transport. All managed by specialists with operational background in road transport. Coming to us, you can expect quality services. We organise a job for an undetermined period of time. We look towards your needs and fulfil our clients requirements. WSD’s services are based on a modern vision on current and future road transport infrastructure.


Furthermore, WSD will take care of all dispatch needs for all jobs. We make sure your truck drives as efficiently as possible. There is always a driver available and on location. WSD will take care of all the details including the right equipment for the drivers, transportation to and from location, hotels, and more.

We will take care of your transport needs adhering to all rules and EU Mobility Package regulations.

If you have trucks and the business, we organise the driver and the fleetmanagement on the road for this driver because that is what we do best.

The Advantages

Deploy your trucks as efficient as possible, also with EU Mobility Pack 1

You might think EU Mobility Pack 1 will have a big impact on your transport business. But this does not have to be. You can deploy your trucks optimally as obligated home runs are not necessary. Deployment of your trucks will be maximised as you have a pool of drivers and the logistical power of WSD Capacity at your disposal. WSD will make sure the driver is at the right place at the right time. You want to know more?… Continue reading Deploy your trucks as efficient as possible, also with EU Mobility Pack 1

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