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April 22nd, 2021

EU Mobility Packages, background and current status. Download the whitepaper on the various packages and what they entail. There will be more whitepapers to follow on the details of each package.

Over the last decades the image of the transportation industry was seriously eroded. This was caused by a variety of different reasons, most of them unplanned or even unexpected.

The background

The expansion of the EU was the main start for changes within the transport industry. Eastern European countries jumped to opportunities in the transport market offering truck and driver
capacity. Transportation companies from all of Europe are competing for the same business, whether cabotage or combined transport.
However, after filling the first open vacancies not only workers offered their services in other countries, as the EU allows, also companies offered services across the border which disturbed the market.

unregulated EU Mobility Package

Competition is a good thing and keeps companies to focus on the interests of their customers. But a side effect materialized where some truckers worked too long hours and sometimes were provided with inferior materials. Local jobs were done while driving on international trips. This eroded prices within the industry, had dangerous consequences with drivers making too many hours against poor wages. Old material provided dangerous situations on the roads and had a bad impact on the environment.

The start

After 3 years of discussions, amendments, lobbying the EU Mobility Packages was agreed on the 9th of July 2020. To give the industry
time to adapt to the changes the Mobility Pack was entered in three different packages and the various elements will take effect on different dates.

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