The advantages and challenges of a truck driver

May 5th, 2021

The advantages and challenges of a truck driver.

Truck driver is not an easy job as some might think. You have a big responsibility for your truck, your cargo, other users of the road and of course yourself. At WSD Capacity we realize this and take good care of our drivers.

We offer a very competitive salary agianst other transport companies. Of course we follow all regulations on salary including those that came down from the EU within the EU Mobility Package. When you drive in Germany or the Netherlands you get paid the same as local drivers.

Raiffeisen bank package

But additionally we have a cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank. Specially for us we have a package with numerous advantages.

Uniqua Asigurari prin Raiffeisen Bank
Raifeissenbank Romania

Insurance plan

We offer with this package a profitable insurance plan, supplied by Uniqua Aasigurari, via Raiffeisen Bank. This is an optional Insurance Package , each employee has the right to decline the Uniqua Insurance. The Insurance Plan is a solution that provides clear advantages and one you can benefit from, considering your line of work and the risks that you are exposed to on a daily basis. Through this, we wish to be there for you and your family. In the event of death or total paralysis, you and your family will benefit from 100% coverage from the total insured sum. As some accidents are concerned, the covered sum differs from case to case.

External travel expenses

Travel expenses provided by WSD. Transport to the location at which the service is provided, respectively Germany, is handled by our company via bus or plane, on a case-by-case basis. Departures will take place every 2 weeks, usually on Thursday.

Performance bonuses

Performance bonuses. Each month, funds are allocated for the rewarding of driver performance. These will consist of bonuses, in euro, depending on each employee’s experience, courtesy in dealing with collaborators, professionalism in the handling of their responsibilities.

Receiving equipment on departure

Receiving equipment upon departure. Equipment is offered by our company and will consist of boots, in accordance with each wearer’s shoe size, protective goggles, protective gloves, work helmet.

Receiving the advance on departure

Receiving advances upon departure. Employees can get an advance in euro, which will be deducted at a later time from next month salary

So as you see, it can be worth your while to join WSD Capacity and start driving for us. You will do your family and yourself some good.

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