Study on impact EU Mobility Package 1 on Cabotage

June 15th, 2021


Effects of Mobility Package 1 on Cabotage. On February 18, 2021 an objective study is released by the EU to provide an analysis of the impacts on the combined transport sector of Mobility Package 1. (Regulation 2020/1055 amending Regulation 1072/2009/EU);

Cabotage Explained

Specifically, the new provisions that allow Member States to apply the socalled “cabotage restrictions” to road legs of international combined transport (CT) operations if those road legs do not cross a border.

The topic

In order to gather input for a qualified ex-ante assessment on the potential impacts, a survey was carried out. This survey is addressing two types of CT operators: transport organisers and terminal operators. The data and the information collected focuses on the compliance strategies envisaged by the CT operators. Additionally on the impacts that the new rules could have on their activity and the business performance of combined transport sector based on their perception.


The report is based on quantitative analysis of replies by respondents and provides an overview of the expected effects on different transport output indicators. The results show mainly short-term impacts as participating CT operators were unable to satisfactorily assess long-term effects in quantitative terms.

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