The new Road Transport Act introduces some novelties for drivers in Poland, see what will change

May 5th, 2021

The aim of the new law is to introduce into Polish law the provisions of Regulation 2017/2205, which sets out detailed rules for the procedures for reporting damaged trucks and introduces the obligation to collect additional data during roadside checks. The effect of the changes is expected to be improved road safety, more efficient cooperation of European road authorities and the fight against unfair competition.

 Regulation 2017/2205,

The amendment brings into force provisions on procedures for reporting commercial vehicles with serious or dangerous defects found during technical roadside inspections and on the obligation of ITD and police to collect additional data. Its introduction is necessary to unify the rules of road technical inspections carried out by officers of the Road Transport Inspection.

Who is affected by the changes?

The new act applies to vehicles and trailers of the following categories:

– M2, M3, i.e. vehicles with more than eight passenger seats,

– N2 and N3 with a total weight exceeding 3.5 t,

– trailers of categories O3 and O4 with a maximum total mass exceeding 3.5 t,

– wheeled tractors of category T5 with a maximum design speed exceeding 40 km/h.

What do the changes mean in practice?

The Central Register of Violations (CEN), maintained by the General Inspector of Road Transport (GITD), will be expanded with an additional group of data which have not been collected and processed so far. So far, road transport inspectors have collected the registration number and the country of registration of means of transport. Now they will additionally ask for the VIN number of the vehicle. These data will be included on the technical inspection protocol.

New data, in accordance with the EU regulation, will be collected for the needs of ITD and competent authorities of other Community states. The new solution will allow more efficient cooperation of services. The authorities will exchange RSI messages between contact points, concerning notification of truck inspection results, indicating serious or dangerous defects.

Fairer and safer

The new rules will contribute to preventing several important risks:

– unfair competition, linked to the different levels of controls applied by the different Member States of the European Union,

– road accidents involving professional drivers caused by defects and malfunctions of trucks (tractors and trailers).

In addition, the act modifies the current way of passing information obtained during vehicle inspections by voivodeship inspectors to the GITD, i.e. using electronic forms or via an electronic service platform. Officers will provide information immediately after completing the inspection via CEN.


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