EU Mobility Package 1: FREE whitepaper on all changes, already in effect and still to come

September 20th, 2021

EU Mobility Package, what are the consequenses, how does it effect us, help us? What are the benefits and changes to be considered?

Download the FREE whitepaper on EU Mobility Package 1 and what it entails. There will be more whitepapers to follow on the details of each package.

The background

The expansion of the EU was the main start for changes within the transport industry. Eastern European countries jumped to opportunities in the transport market offering truck and driver
capacity. Transportation companies from all of Europe are competing for the same business, whether cabotage or combined transport.
However, after filling the first open vacancies not only workers offered their services in other countries, as the EU allows, also companies offered services across the border which disturbed the market.

unregulated EU Mobility Package

Competition is a good thing and keeps companies to focus on the interests of their customers. But a side effect materialized where some truckers worked too long hours and sometimes were provided with inferior materials.

Mobility Package 1, the details

Mobility Package 1 is partly into effect starting August 2020. There are rules on driving and resting times. Do they have effect on your company?

But there is more to come starting february 2022 and thereafter. These concern the tachograph, secondment, location and return of the home vehicle. Additionally new rules on access to the market cabotage, cooling off periode and more will be activated. Do you know what they are, how they can effect your business?

Strategic and hiring effects

Read in the FREE whitepaper you can download below and be ahead of the game. The changes can have effect on your investment strategy and hiring strategy strategy moving forward. Will you do your own transport? Can you get enough drivers? Can you continue to work with foreign transport companies? Will you buy or lease your own material? And many more questions can be answered when you have worked out the consequences of the new EU Mobility Package.

This whitepaper can be the start of your new strategy. WSD Capacity can be a part of it.

Download the whitepaper here:


If you have questions after reading on how WSD Capacity can support your business, do not hesitate to call or mail me.

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