EU Mobility Package and CO2 reduction in Road transport

August 19th, 2021

EU Mobility Package and CO2 reduction.

Last year the EU Mobility Package came into effect. The first rules that are already effective are specifically on driving and resting times for drivers and also equal pay within the EU. At WSD Capacity we strongly support this as there is no need for underpaid drivers from Eastern-European countries bringing road safety under pressure.

There is currently as shortage of drivers in the EU so al the more reason to pay decent salaries. At WSD Capacity we do this gladly and with these drivers we offer logistic services, dispatch and more to companies in Europe who need logistic support.

A new section in the EU Mobility Package that is coming up is regulation of CO2 within the transport industry. When you look at trucking this is not an easy thing to do. Trucks need to drive to be efficient, long milage every day and with heavy payloads you need power as well. For more details on these upcoming rules read the details on the EU Mobility Package here. More info on the EU Mobility Package you can downlaod here.

Some transportation companies are working with LNG Trucks driving on LNG or Bio-LNG. One example is Don Trucking who will add 40 LNG trucks to it’s fleet this year. Another option is to compensate your CO2, especially where you can not reduce anymore yourself. A company offering this service is for instance Ecobal. They preserve and vitalize forests in Europe with the possibility to compensate your CO2 as one of their services.

One of many options that is curently under review is driving electric. Although more truck companies are offering E-versons, charging and milage is still a challenge.

CO2 reduction E mobility
Cables over highway as test in Germany

Another way to do it is with cables over the road, as they are testing in Germany. Read the article here.

What do you think of this option? Or on the subject in general? Let us know! Either by mail or phone or on our contact page. Also if you want to contact us to learn more about our services!

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