We are hiring professional drivers at WSD Capacity

  • We are hiring professional drivers

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    • 3 years ago

How it Works

The company with Dutch capital was formed from the desire to offer our clients and collaborators the best in quality and professionalism in the field of European and international cargo transport.

We select and recruit personnel towards supplying the very best of employees. We employ teams of professionals with vast experience in Human Resources, as well as specialists with a background in cargo transport. Coming to us, you have the guarantee of quality services, obtaining a stabile job for an undetermined period of time, oriented towards your needs, all towards fulfilling our clients requirements.

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Kind Words From Happy Campers

What other people thought about the service provided by Jobify

It’s an ok company, well organized, with understanding and respectful managers.

I am satisfied with the working conditions in the company. To me it represented a much needed helping hand when I needed it, especially when I was just beginning , I received and advance on payment which helped me a great deal.

I like working in this company. The team is alright, the work schedule is good and the salary is adequate.

From my point of view, it’s an ok company, with a professional people, salaries are delivered in time, which is very important.

The working conditions in WSD Capacity are good. I am satisfied.

It is a serious company which pays on time and the drivers are happy with that. There is a certainty that the payment will be made on schedule and this is more important than anything else. There are other advantages, for example the transport from Romania to the foreign bases of operation is guaranteed, the same goes for paying for parking and the schedule is satisfying.

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